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This is Me!!

HI!!! To say I am excited that you are here is an understatement! I cannot wait for you to hear my story as a photographer, videographer, mama and wife!




Long Story Short


I always have been a creative person! I love to journal, sew, paint- you name it

and I've probably tried it when it comes

to crafting! I picked up my first DSLR camera in high school and just knew 

in my bones that this was going to be something I would love to do!

I met my husband, Ryan, almost 6

years ago and it has been one of the

best adventures I have ever been on!

We both grew up in Minnesota and recently moved to Las Vegas from Phoenix!!! We love all things hockey, fishing, The Office, and family gatherings! We are proud parents to our beautiful daughter Sylvia and two adorable fur children- Nina and Eva! Our hearts are overflowing with happiness and joy!

One of my favorite things about being a photographer and videographer is that I

get a front row seat at some of the most important moments in your life! It's an absolute honor and treat to capture your

big day / milestone moments in life!

**Photo credit Courtney Lee

**Photo credit Courtney Lee


to Talk?


Fun Facts!

1. We got married 01.23.2021!

2. Our daughter was born 11/21/2021!

3. Ryan surprised me with Nina on my 26th birthday!

4. I use to be a men's barber!

5. I shoot with Canon camera gear.

6. Parks and Rec + The Office are our FAVORITES!

7. The "j" in my name is silent.

8. Pizza is my FAVORITE food!

9. I also do graphic design work!

10. I became an auntie for the first time this year!





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